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In today's volatile marketplace everyone is looking for cost-effective ways to expand and grow their business. In the alcoholic beverage industry, that usually means marketing directly to the end consumer to maximize profit margins. This of course requires navigating the often perilous waters of the federal and state compliance agencies, and also means finding reliable partners with the proper wholesale/retail network to effect legal delivery.

WorldShipNet is an alliance of companies which together have over 70 years of experience in the wine industry. Our experience gives us a solid understanding of the wine industry, and, in addition, a clear understanding of its inefficiencies. WorldShipNet was born out of the need to address these inefficiencies, and we have accordingly chosen to focus on providing wineries an efficient and simple direct-to-consumer delivery solution.

There is a complex web of issues that must be addressed in shipping wine across state lines, such as label registration, price posting, excise and sales tax, management of cash flow between each party, and general logistics. WorldShipNet handles all of these details, from "pick and pack" to the "last mile" delivery to the consumer, enabling the winery to focus on its core business of making and selling wine. We require the winery to provide us with the order information only; we handle the entire process from there.

WorldShipNet joins together industry leaders in key segments and distribution tiers to form a comprehensive, cost-efficient order fulfillment system.

The WorldShipNet platform relies on WSN's FORTTM cloud-based system, which ensures compliant order routing, fulfillment, reporting and tracking.

Experience in national distribution and compliance, aided by aggregating volume through one system, allows WorldShipNet to provide the most cost-efficient shipping solution available to wineries and direct marketers today.

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