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The WorldShipNet Advantage

WorldShipNet is uniquely positioned to provide the best possible three-tier delivery solution for wineries. Because every state has its own laws governing sales and shipment of alcoholic products, a network of wholesalers and retailers in each state is necessary for legal and compliant fulfillment of orders. One possible danger with such a nationwide network is of course a loss of control over each step in the process. Through our major retailer, Lo Spuntino, and our wholesaler network managed by Lionstone International, we have created a system that functions seamlessly and efficiently, ensuring that we have maximum control over every step of the fulfillment chain.

Fulfillment-Oriented Multi-State Retailer

Lo Spuntino is the only multi-state retailer in the entire country set up expressly for the purpose of fulfilling orders for wineries and other companies. They have been in operation for several years, have delivered hundreds of thousands of packages to customers, and have developed a transparent and efficient fulfillment system based on valuable feedback from wineries, consumers, and couriers. With a single retail entity monitoring package flow in most states, WorldShipNet is able to provide superior service in several critical areas, including package tracking, returns, and timely order fulfillment.

Single, Fulfillment-Oriented Wholesale Network

Lionstone International is the original fulfillment-dedicated wholesaler network. Having begun three-tier fulfillment operations over 25 years ago, Lionstone knows this business like no other company, and now clearly sets the industry standard for excellence. Today, the Lionstone network processes more than 1,000 orders a day to non-reciprocal states. Every wholesale operation in its network has been working with Lionstone for many years, helping to create the efficiencies that now define Lionstone as the leader in this field.

The Original and Best Fulfillment Solution in the Industry

As pioneers in three-tier fulfillment, Lionstone and Lo Spuntino were naturally drawn together, and through WorldShipNet have created the most streamlined and efficient fulfillment service available today, which translates into quick shipments, lower costs and great service.

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